Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back On the Grind

1st and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the support, people who check out my blog, those who stop me and tell me that they enjoy it (ESPECIALLY MY MCSM peeps). I definitely appreciate the love and I will continue to spread it back. I am still finding trying to find my way throughout this journey, so please continue passing by my blog, as I gradually step my game up. A lot of things are yet to come, with school, fall and duh Fashion Week. I will get the chance to help out this SS10 through my internship at COACD. Currently trying to contact shows for Invites. Life will soon get hectic as this week approaches but I know I am ready. Plus I have introduced Bikram Yoga into my life hoping this also helps :/ lol. Well I hope to hear more from you guys and please do not hesitate to comment and/or give suggestions. I am trying process my BIG and GREAT expectations for this site and hope to see you all at the end.

Con Mucho, Mucho, Amor,


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